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3 Surprisingly Great Email Newsletters Worth Subscribing To

Newsletters—yes, newsletters—are having a moment. For days you can’t fit in the time to browse current events, newsletters can handily curate the information you need, delivering it straight to your inbox. Here are three worth reading.

1. Casual Spectator serves up a fun, biweekly blast of sports news for people who don’t normally read sports news. There’s a combination of videos, fast facts, and betting stats with an encyclopedic knowledge of sports—from basketball to tennis, golf to wrestling. If your significant other or buddies are into sports, or if you ever need to carry a conversation with the office football fanatic, Casual Spectator is here for you.

2. Recomendo curates a weekly list of six excellent endorsements, including double-sided duct tape and sci-fi novels. A small team of writers works to not only hand-pick products, but videos, podcasts, and shows as well, sometimes even endorsing other newsletters. Every week, their six recommendations contain things you didn’t know you needed but now can’t live without—an app to scan and solve math problems, YouTube videos made for cats, a service that lets you unsubscribe from subscription emails en masse… all in a handy newsletter delivered week after week.

3. NextDraft compiles the day’s 10 most compelling news stories from some 75 sources and offers witty insights on each. Well, “witty” is an understatement—Dave Pell, the writer and investor behind the service, carefully and hilariously curates his top 10 news stories each day. He comments not just on articles like the ongoing atrocities in Mexico and China, but also the formation of the Ken Doll’s crotch and Facebook’s rebranding as FACEBOOK, all the while dutifully linking out to other reports. Pell’s newsletter is kooky yet scholarly—a personality-driven, all-enveloping encouragement to seek out the historic along with the absurd.

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