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The 7 Tools Every Grown Man Needs in His Kitchen

Gentlemen, it’s time to get serious about your kitchen game. You were able to scrape by when you were younger, making do with what you had on hand. And you did a great job! But now that you’re a grown-up (for the most part), it’s time to kit out your kitchen with the seven kitchen tools every man needs.

Fact is, you can’t live on mac and cheese or spaghetti every night anymore. You eat better food these days, you take care of your body. You (hopefully) exercise on the regular. You’re working on advancing yourself, and your career, to the next level. You’re an adult now. So get some grown-up kitchen tools and gadgets, and take your cooking skills to the next level.

We’ve come up with seven awesome tools and devices every guy ought to have in his kitchen. From handy appliances that make prep and cooking easier and more efficient, to tools to help you eat—and cook—better food.

Clearly, you don’t have to go out and buy all these kitchen tools today! But many of them are on sale, so you’d be wise to prioritize, and get what you need right now.

Need a new coffeemaker? George Clooney’s favorite single-serve espresso machine is half off right now. Ready to start making your own healthy smoothies instead of paying five bucks (or more) a pop? The NutriBullet is the ideal choice, and it’s 30 percent off.

In fact, Macy’s has a ton of kitchen tools and appliances on sale right now. Use the code 2DAY at checkout, and you can take 30 percent off all kinds of merchandise at Macy’s, including on the most popular Instant Pot you can buy. So head over to Macy’s today and save enough money on the essentials to kit out your entire kitchen with the necessities you need.

Here are the seven essential tools every grown man needs in his kitchen.

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