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Taking A Stand

Yesterday Birch stood for a second! Just one hot second, but still – he’s taking the steps to walking!

Moms On The Patio

I hosted a little gathering for our bus stop moms on the patio. We never get to actually talk because the decibel level of children’s voices is usually maxed out when we’re together at the bus stop, neighborhood gatherings or school events. It was great to relax and talk over some wine and cheese while the kids were nestled so snug in their beds.

Well except for MY kid who hates to miss a party!! He wanted to come down in his PJs and say hi to all the moms (that he sees everyday – haha). He probably would have gone to sleep in my lap if I’d let him so he wouldn’t have to leave the party!

Soccer Sunday in 100 degrees

GAH why is it still so hot! It almost reached 100 degrees multiple times this week. I bought two new pairs of jeans and have yet to put them on! Thomas and I nearly died playing full field soccer at 5:00 in the hot sun for 90 minutes straight.

We are back to running first thing in the AM because it’s been too hot any other time of day!

Delicious Things In Jars

Della at Plenty offers a dessert each week plus she’s been offering breakfast options like chia pudding and overnight oats. Every week I say I’m not going to get a dessert to cut back on sugar, and every week she makes something so tempted I have to get one jar for Thomas and me to share.

Salted Caramel Cheesecake!!!

Pumpkin Chia Pudding with Coconut Whip

This chia pudding was more of a breakfast/snack but it was as delicious as any dessert. I am alllll about that coconut whip!

Sandwich of the Week

Tuna + tomatoes + kale salad + havarti

Good Smelling Kids

Sweet brothers!

I bought the Beautycounter kids shampoo + body wash and am a fan! Love the pumps. The scents are subtle which means my kids simply smell CLEAN. No funny chemicals or fragrance here.

Dinners This Week

Plenty grilled sausage and apple slaw with side salad and cornbread-oat muffins I made (recipe TBA!)

Big Green Egg smoked salmon with homemade grits + salad

Quiche + kale salad

Taco night with my parents. Thomas smoked the pork + pork belly and we used this recipe. Plus homemade mac!

Plenty coconut rice with chicken, broc and pineapple

Something Is Coming

Did you catch my teaser on Instagram? Sun Structures is hanging at our house! More soon!

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