We understand that the change of time is insisting root change of the way of thinking. We believe that in order to achieve success and to approach to the goal in certain field; then first you have to understand the nature and mentality of players in that field.


Citizens and residents of GCC (Gulf Council Countries), averaged within the highest scale of personal income around the globe, therefore GCC are taking the place on the top of consumption countries in the world, because of the high purchasing power of their citizens and residents; taking into consideration their wealth of oil, which leads to more development leap, and that opening more business and investment opportunities in the GCC’s ground.

GCC today is accosting through radical shifting the leadership of the countries into the youth category; especially Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Sarah bint Yousif Al Amiri,
Minister of State for Advanced Sciences in the United Arab Emirates Cabinet.

Saudi Arabia currently is marching through a comprehensive and unprecedented development phase, especially in the areas of women’s freedom and entertainment, where Saudi Arabia is seeking to attract investments in order to establish giant entertainment projects and events on its territory, which will lead to more Saudi openness to the world.

ARAMCO (The Saudi Arabian Oil Company), is to be files for an IPO by the early 2021, announced by Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman; where experts expecting that it will be one of the largest IPO filing in the history; which will lead for enormous business and business opportunities in all scales  within the region. 

Bahrain Considered the flexible gate to open on Saudi Arabia, the richest country in the GCC.

Bahrain privileged by FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with the United States of America, which gives American businessmen and investors the total freedom in establishing and running their businesses, flixible and discounted customs rates for several goods and industrial products while import and export, and freehold for institutions and real estates, for more information about Bahrain-USA’s FTA click here.

President George W. Bush signs the U.S.-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement in the Oval Office Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2006. Standing with the President are, from left: Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative Rob Portman, and Bahrain Ambassador Naser M. Al Belooshi. White House photo by Paul Morse .

As a country member in GCC, Bahrain has signed on GCC’s trade and economic charter, which states that every branch of Bahraini institution within any of GCC countries, will be treated as citizen company in the country, and taking the advantage of all the privileges and facilities provided by that country to its citizen companies, beside benefiting from the lack of customs cost for goods and industrial products while import and export for more information about GCC’s trade and economic charter click here.

After 2011, there is more convergence between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, where Bahrain have insured for more its position as the tourism front for Saudi Arabia; especially that Bahrain considered as the most opened country in GCC and the preferred destination for foreign to invest, work, and live; because of the low cost of living comparing with another countries in GCC, the freedom of religious practicing, and the virtually non-existent of taxes; where all that facts have created a balance between Saudi’s discreet values and their deep desire toward openness to the world, where Bahrain was the perfect interface to do such mission for Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain was built on modern standards, in regard of building strong infrastructures, very effective telecommunication networks, the new (under construction) airport with capacity of 14 million passenger per year, King Fahad’s Causeway, the longest causeway in the world that is connected Bahrain by Saudi Arabia with total length of 25 Km (16 mi) and 23 m (75 ft); which makes the passing for cargos reciprocally between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia (the largest importer for goods and services in Middle East), the diversity of free zones, the strength of real estate sector; especially in the field of hotels, hotel apartments and resorts, the total transformation to online services for both citizens and expats; through Bahraini E-Governmental central portal (e-Gov.), and that helping effectively to proceed with all governmental transactions in no time and less efforts.


We are here to provide you will studied options in order to take your business to GCC and profit from unprecedented investment opportunities in the region, which will be the main nerve of the Gulf’s economy in the few coming years. We are here to provide you the right opportunity in the right time, and to introduce you to right key people who can certainly open the closed doors for you.

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