Hashem Management Consultancy & Public Relations Establishment (Hashem Est.), registered by law at the Ministry of Industry & Commerce in Kingdom of Bahrain, under registration number (51135), and members at Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), under membership number (30615).

Our firm have been established as a fruitful outcome of many years of serving in the fields of banking, real estate, IT, public relations and legal services, we have taken a courageous step forward by assembling our long expertise into one core business entity, fed by soul of youth, a vision of modernity, objective and logical thinking, and a complete conviction of the necessity of addressing radicalism and applying openness to the world.


We do appreciate the continuous efforts of many delegations and good economic initiatives which tried effectively to begin a bright era by establishing business transactions with Arab countries, especially GCC (Gulf Council Countries); however we understand that ideological and cultural differences could be an obstacle.

That’s why we are here for you, and we are gladly will present all our efforts to you by leading you to the best business and investments opportunities in GCC, that are suit your ambitious aspirations, beside that we’d be gladly to introduce you to the key personalities in our countries; such as decision makers, influential politicians, and major businessmen and industrialists.  

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